Plenary Sessions

​Plenary Session 1

Lupus in 2017: from molecular targets to new therapies

  1. Lindsey Criswell – GWAS in SLE
  2. Carola Vinuesa – Genome sequencing in SLE
  3. LingYun Sun – Stem cells and the treatment of SLE

Plenary Session 2

Lupus nephritis: from bench to bedside

  1. Anne Davidson – the science of lupus nephritis
  2. Brad Rovin – biomarkers in lupus nephritis
  3. Fred Houssiau – evidence based treatment of SLE​

Plenary Session 3

Challenges in drug development and clinical trial design in SLE

  1. Joan Merrill – clinical trials and tribulations
  2. TM Chan – lessons learnt from RCTs in lupus nephritis
  3. Rich Furie - The ideal trial design: a focus on patient selection and appropriate outcome measures

Plenary Session 4

Cutting edge science in SLE

  1. Keith Elkon - role of innate immunity in SLE pathogenesis
  2. Eoin McKinney - T cell fatigue in SLE
  3. Betty Diamond - Accelerated Medicine Partnerships
  4. Abstract presentations

Plenary Session 5

Outcome measures and treatment targets in SLE

  1. Dafna Gladman – measuring disease activity and damage in SLE
  2. Andrea Doria – remission as a treatment target in SLE
  3. Mandana Nikpour– low disease activity as a treatment target in SLE
  4. Abstract presentations

Plenary Session 6

Changing the script in lupus: industry-academia-patient roundtable

Chair: Eric Morand

Academia: Richard Furie, Joan Merrill, Daniel TM Chan

Industry representatives: Marek Honczarenko (BMS), Christian Stach (UCB), Micki Hultquist (AstraZeneca), Damon Bass (GSK)

Patient representatives: Duane Peters (LFA), Kirsten Lerstrom (Lupus Europe)

1.      How to develop drugs in SLE
2.      Challenges in translational medicine
3.      Feasibility, models of collaboration, and access

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