Meet the Professor Sessions

Meet the Professor Sessions will allow participants to meet with outstanding researchers and clinicians and gain new perspectives in Lupus and SLE. 

These sessions have been designed to give participants the unique opportunity to hear from these international experts about topics that they are passionate about. 

Participation in these sessions is available to all Congress participants, at no extra charge.

‘East Meets West’ Sessions

Learn how Lupus is managed across different areas of the globe by discussing a variety of regional cases, affected by socioeconomic and demographic factors:

  • East Meets West: Lupus Nephritis
    Daniel TM Chan, Hong Kong and Frederic Houssiau, Belgium
  • East Meets West: Difficult Lupus
    Sandra Navarra, Philippines, CS Lau, Hong Kong and Alberta Hoi, Australia
  • East Meets West: CNS Lupus
    Yoshiya Tanaka, Japan and John Hanly, Canada

Career in Research

Junior clinicians and scientists will learn about establishing a career in research and gain global perspective on pursuing a career in lupus research by hearing from successful research doctors. 
What characteristics should a potential PhD candidate have? What are the exciting areas of research in the future? 

  • A Career in Lupus Research: Tips and Inspiration
    Fabienne Mackay, Australia, Dafna Gladman, Canada and CS Lau, Hong Kong

Challenges in Lupus

Benefit from the wealth of experience of world experts in challenging aspects of Lupus: 

  • Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome
    Munther Khamashta, United Kingdom
  • Lupus in Pregnancy
    Aisha Lateef, Singapore
  • Clinical Trials – Design, Endpoints, and Outcomes
    Mandana Nikpour, Australia and Joan Merrill, USA

Advances in SLE

An overview of recent advances in the field and what the direction of future research will be:

  • Big Science in SLE and Autoimmune Disease
    Virginia Pascual, USA and Eoin McKinney, United Kingdom

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