Welcome Letter

It is a great pleasure to invite you to be part of the 12th International Congress on SLE, in Melbourne in March 2017, together with the Asian Conference on Autoimmunity

In 2017, the world of SLE will be at a crossroads. Advances in technology mean that it is now possible to address virtually any biological target with a specific therapy. Across diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and many cancers, this has meant life-changing and life-saving new therapies. In SLE, progress has been frustratingly slower than that in some other diseases. However, discovery research, translation of discoveries to products, and the ability to successfully evaluate new agents, have accelerated dramatically in recent years, and many lupus researchers and physicians, as well as drug developers and patients, have good reason to believe a ‘new dawn’ is visible at the horizon. 

Autoimmunity is of course the basis of SLE – but also of so many other diseases. Rapid progress in basic and clinical research in autoimmunity has so much to offer the world of SLE.

In Melbourne, we will showcase the very best clinical, biological, and translational advances in the field of SLE and autoimmunity. Due to hard work by an expert international organizing committee, this Congress will include an exceptional program focusing on the nexus between laboratory science and clinical translation, include multidisciplinary sessions on topics from B cells to nephritis, and offer a forum for the presentation of new data, including from young investigators who we especially encourage to be part of this congress. In addition, we hope for major collaboration with industry, as it is only by working together that clinicians, academics and industry can achieve their common goal of improving the lives of patients with SLE and autoimmune disease. 

In Melbourne, we are proud to be both Australia’s capital of biomedical research and the world’s most livable city. In a vibrant city based on foundations of arts and science, democracy and tolerance, you will love your visit to Melbourne for its food, European-style café culture, arts and entertainment, and outdoor lifestyle. If you can, I invite you to stay longer in Melbourne and Australia and explore some of the most remarkable cities, and wildernesses, in the world.  

Therefore I most cordially invite you to join us in Melbourne at the 12th International Congress on SLE in 2017, and the Asian Congress on Autoimmunity, and join your colleagues in making a difference.

Eric F. Morand MBBS FRACP PhD

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